14 Oz Boxing Gloves

If you’re looking to learn how to fight, boxing gloves are an essential tool. Great for sparring and training, these 14 oz gloves are14oz boxing gloves tools that anyone who is serious about fighting needs to have. They are soft, and help protect you as well as your partner.

Why 14oz? Because anything smaller can be dangerous to your partner’s safety. Anything bigger makes it too annoying to work with. 14 oz is the minimal requirement. This doesn’t mean you should swing away with full force when sparring. You should always go light to avoid injuries, but 14 oz are the ideal size you should have. 

I personally use these gloves in training and combat drills as well as sparring. Though they aren’t very flexible for pulling off moves you saw in the Bourne movies, they are still EXCELLENT for pad training and helping you develop power, form all while keeping you safe. 

Here are some of the benefits of having 14 oz gloves:

  • Great for pad work.
  • Great for protecting your hands.
  • Last for years. I’ve had mine for nearly 4 years. 
  • Help protect your hands when doing knife/stick sparring from Kali (although I’d recommend hockey gloves for better handling).

Highly recommended for all training purposes!

14 oz boxing gloves.

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