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10 thoughts on “Ask a Question!

  1. lamont santos

    Can I fit these techinique in my every day boxing teachings.well what im saying im learning how to box can I mix the two styles go together

    1. Vitaliy Post author

      Absolutely. In fact, a lot of the modern day boxing we see today especially the stance originated from kali. You can always blend together any amount of arts. It’s very important however to get fundamentals down first before you start blending. That should always be your bread and butter.

  2. Bob Reed

    Bob hear,
    Vitaliy, Iv encountered some set backs in as far as boxing, training do to time. Iv haven’t really even got started. If I’m going to do this doing It correctly, and to have the confidence should I find myself in a situation where I Would need to call on it did I learn enough and learn it correctly to come out on top, even so, their would always be that question in the back of my mind, that concern.
    When I first contacted you I believe you said you had three schools. two back east and another in Calif. I believe to do this right I need a school and an Instructor.I have the or rather will make the time to attend.Id like your advice on attending, where,cost and time it will require to at least get a good grasp, understanding say base to work from, or any other ideas you might have. I’m very serious about learning this. Half ass anything is Bullshit, its also shows no respect for you or myself!
    Bob R

  3. Aidan

    Hey Vitaliy I got your introduction E-Mail but when I went to watch the introductory video of what I’ll be learning vimeo said the video had either been deleted or never existed in the first place I was wondering if you knew about that?

    1. Vitaliy Post author

      Yeah sorry about that. It happens from time to time that videos get deleted and I have to update them but because I’m very busy, I don’t get a chance to update it often. Email me and I’ll send you the updated one 🙂

  4. sunny

    hey man i emailed you but you never respond but anyways are all the fight scenes in this video in kali ones at 0:10,0:23,2:20,4:25 and 5;09 are these kali yo please respond man i know the other ones are but please tell me if the listed ones are kali once again please respond

    1. Vitaliy Post author

      Sorry about the really late response time Sunny. I’ve been very busy but I did get your email and did respond.

  5. Mohammad

    Hi Vitaliy!

    I hope all is well with you brother. I just wanted to check in with you since I haven’t heard from you in a while. I just recently found an instructor in Filipino Combatives here in Portland and am totally feeling it! Between what I receive from you and what I am being taught in class, I have a wealth of knowledge at my hands. I can’t thank you enough Vitaliy. I hope I will be hearing from you again soon and if you know anyone in the Portland, Oregon area who is willing to practice (I only have class 2 days out of the week and I’m the only student training in Filipino Combatives) please feel free to share my info with them.


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