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New Jason Bourne Movie Announced!

A lot of us knew it was going to happen, but a few days ago, the announcement was made:


Matt Damon will be returning to play as Jason Bourne and the movie is set to start filming in 2016 with a release date in 2017 if I understood it correctly. So how does this affect the site?

Well for one, we’re going to have a massive surge of new popularity for the movie, considering the last one was a big letdown (for me personally). In addition, we’re going to have new fight scenes to break down and learn from.

I can’t wait to see how things will turn out. I’m sure they’re going to hire Jeff Imada again or perhaps Guru Dan Inosanto himself to help set up the fight choreography. Either person they pick, it’s a win win for Jason Bourne fans everywhere because they have never failed to deliver!

I want to also again apologize for not being as active as I was before. I still answer any and all emails when I get a chance and if you have a question, I prefer you ask it here. If it’s personal, feel free to email me.

It seems like the new movie is a long ways off but time flies and while we anxiously await it’s release, those of you who have been actively studying my tutorials should keep doing so. Never stop training. Never stop learning. Repeat the same moves even if it’s a million times. There’s no such thing as complete mastery.

Always strive to be the best you can be. There will never be perfection, there will only be a rise in skill. Stick to basics for the most part, but also try to expand your knowledge into different arts and see what you like about them. Take what you love and discard the rest! That was and still is the basic philosophy of JKD, Bruce Lee’s art!

New update:

Hey guys, thank you for all your support/questions and continued returns to my site and newsletter. I am sorry that I haven’t been so active lately. This is because I am mainly split between work and training and these 2 things are taking up a majority of my time.

Regardless, I would like to say that in spite of this, you can still sign up to the newsletter and get up to 3 months of training. Furthermore to people who are already part of my newsletter, I always encourage you to go back and re-study everything. Even if it takes a million times, repetition is key to success! You need to stop looking for the next best thing and repeat the same training you already have.

To this day, I still repeat the basics because they will forever be my bread and butter. I am aiming to reach black belt at my school which teaches kali and JKD and once I do, I plan on providing much more lessons and video training to my subscribers. Until that happens, I encourage everyone who wishes to study to sign up to the newsletter (if you haven’t already done so) and you will be very happy you did!

All the best!


Downtime on signing up.

Hey guys, the program I use to collect and send out newsletters is currently down. If you are trying to sign up and receive information on how to fight like Bourne, please do one of the following:

A) Check back every few days and see if the form appears again. It will be a blue picture on the RIGHT of the website which will have boxes where you can enter your name/email.

B) You can personally send me an email and I will manually sign you up once the program is running. Here is my email:

Sorry for this delay folks. Hopefully the program’s owners will figure things out soon and everything can get back to normal!


What Happened to Anderson Silva Wasn’t Luck. “Breaking Down” The Move That Ended The Fight & Potentially The Spider’s Career.

If you didn’t see UFC 168, you missed one hell of an event. But the main topic I want to get to was the final match where Anderson broke his leg against Weidman’s knee (or upper shin area). This wasn’t luck and this kind of defense is utilized in several arts, most notably panantukan (kali).

I doubt Chris Weidman actually knows where that block originated from, but he did mention that he trained to check kicks using his knee and in the fight he used it perfectly, unfortunately for Silva. So that was no fluke.

Ideally the kick is supposed to be met with the knee but in the actual fight, Silva’s foot hit  the lower part of Weidman’s foot. That part of the body is very hard and it was basically the equivalent of taking a board used for breaking in karate with 2 hands and smacking it down on a hard rock.

That’s pretty much what happened to Anderson and it was very difficult to watch. I’ve seen and tried this defense before but I never imagined it could be THAT devastating. In some of my street fighting classes, we used that exact same method of blocking to stop low kicks.

As I mentioned before, this move is straight out of panantukan, and probably a number of other arts, but in panantukan, a lot of blocking involves using your elbows and knees for the specific purpose of destroying the hands and legs of the opponent.

For example:

When someone tries to jab you, instead of parrying, blocking or slipping the punch, you block it with your elbow. If done right you can break the person’s hand. Even when done with boxing gloves on, this defensive move can be VERY painful. Having been on the opposing end of it, I can vouch for that.

When someone tries to kick you (low), you use your knee to meet the shin of the kick. If done right, and Weidman did it, you can shatter the shin.

When someone tried to do a high/mid line kick, you can block with one hand and use your elbow to hit the shin with the other.

Honestly, this kind of stuff is utilized in muay thai, muay boran and most notably panantukan. I was always told the purpose of these blocks, but I was always skeptical of it working as my trainers said it could. Not anymore.

This form of defense is known as “de-fang the snake” where the snake if the opponent throwing the punches and kicks and your elbows and knees are basically swords used to stop the snake. Panantukan is an art devised from FMA (Filipino martial arts).

Hat’s off to Chris Weidman. This fight was not a fluke. He was beating Anderson before the kick happened. Not taking anything away from Silva as he can be one of the most unpredictable fighters, but I think Weidman played a very safe game. Could Silva have won? Very possible. But we can’t play these what if’s after the results are in.

The move  that ended the fight:

An illustration of what happened to Anderson Silva (End of video):

If fighters start implementing this form of blocking in the UFC, it’s going to change the game like crazy. Although it takes a ton of skills and precision to pull off, this move is very practical. We’ve just never seen it before on a mainstream scale. Panantukan is not a sport. It is a street art, which means anything goes.

I really hope Silva is going to be ok. That kind of freak “accident” is not something he’ll ever be able to fully recover from. I’ve been a huge fan of Silva’s and still am. I hope he’ll come back, but he’ll need a lot of time to recover.

What do you guys think about this whole thing? Shout out in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.




What is The Best Martial Art?

A very common question most people who are new to fighting ask is what is the best martial art to study? And the truth is there is none. If I had to choose, I’d say JKD (but that’s not an actual art). Though some arts are much more practical than others, there are always situations in which you cayon find a counter argument/scenario for where certain arts, no matter how proven will not work.

I very often see videos comparing different arts. Titles such as “Wing Chun vs MMA” or “Krav Maga vs Karate” are all silly things to compare. This is because these arts are meant for different environments. You can’t compare an art developed for street fighting such as Wing Chun or Krav Maga and then expect it to work when you try to apply it into a cage fighting scenario where there are rules and the environment is controlled. Then 99% of everything flies out the window.

You can’t poke people in the eye. You can’t use weapons. You can’t hit them in the groin. So many elements and key factors those arts are based on will then not work and obviously the MMA fighter will win.

However if you switch it up and make the fight happen in a street fighting environment where everything goes, the outcome will be much different. I have seen more than a few real cases of MMA fighters getting ganged up on or just knocked out via a basic jab cross and even worse being destroyed by weapons attacks.

This is not to say MMA won’t work in these scenarios, but it’s unlikely because in spite of all the versatility MMA brings to the table, it still has limits. And those limits must be supplemented with other arts and styles that fix those holes, and vice versa.

This is where the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) comes into play. In this approach to fighting which was developed by Bruce Lee, those who study martial arts must study as much as possible from various styles and then take what works and further develop that.

What exactly does this mean? Well it means you should learn the most basic arts which cover the following combat subjects:

  • Striking (boxing is good for this).
  • Kicking (Muay thai)
  • Grappling (Jiu Jitsu & wrestling)
  • Weaponry defense (kali)
  • Streetfighting (Kali, krav maga & wing chun)

In most cases if you know MMA and kali, you should have most of these covered. But that doesn’t mean if you possess a “black belt” in these arts that you’re good to go. You should always try to evolve further by learning more things from other arts and seeing what works for you.

And this leads me to another major flaw in asking what the best martial art is: There is no such thing because what works for 1 person may not work for the other. You are all individuals. You have different tastes, styles, methods and ways of understanding things. Certain moves which work for me will never work for you and vice versa.

One final thing you need to understand is adaptation. If you’re learning how to box and suddenly encounter a fighter who keeps kicking you and you don’t know how to stop it, what’s the answer? Learn how to block kicks! If you know how to punch, kick but are taken down and submitted, learn how to grapple! Evolve, adapt and become better.

Don’t look to one art as the answer to everything. That is a limiting belief and it can end up hurting you. Always look at various arts, study it and take what works for you and discard the rest as Bruce Lee would say (I am paraphrasing). You can also sign up to the free newsletter and get weekly tutorials on all practical methods of self defense listed above if you don’t have access to schools or training around your area.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please share your opinions in the comments section below!







So what exactly is the answer?



Bourne Conspiracy Video Game

The followup PS3/Xbox 360 game to the popular Bourne Trilogy which introduces you to Bourne before Identity came about andBourne conspiracy then takes you through the events of the 1st Bourne movie.

The game itself is very action packed, especially the fight scenes. If you enjoyed seeing Bourne fight, you’ll get a kick out of the moves you see here. If you’ve never seen Bourne fight, check out the fight scenes section of this website for details.

As for the game, it follows along pretty well. The gun aiming aspect of the game isn’t the most amazing, but the fight scenes are what really define this game.

You will control Bourne and his deadly skills as you try to survive the world of assassins! Check out this video below to see what I mean:


Bourne Conspiracy Fight Scenes:

Not bad at all right? Well this stuff is actually based of real combat tactics you see in the Bourne movies, but more specifically the fight styles of JKD and Kali. Having personally played this game on more than one occasion, let me tell you, the feeling of kicking ass as Bourne is amazing!

Check out the Bourne Conspiracy DVD. 

Bourne Trilogy DVD

All 3 Bourne movies rolled into one set. If you’ve never seen the movies, I highly recommend you watch them. Intense action, Bourne trilogyamazing fight scenes and very intellectually stimulating plot!

Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne lays unconscious in the water as a fishing boat picks him up. He discovers a chip in his body after waking up and realizes he doesn’t know who he is. Bourne then relies on his instinctive talents to retrace his steps, all while being chased down by the same organization that trained him.

There are some incredible plot and actions scenes, including such things as:

Bourne taking down 2 police offers with ease.

A battle where Bourne uses a pen to take on a deadly assassin wielding a knife.

Bourne taking on a sniper assassin with nothing but a shotgun.

And more…

Bourne Supremacy: Bourne after escaping multiple assassination attempts, Bourne retreats to India where he feels he’ll be safe, but after an assassin comes after him and his woman, he vows to take revenge.

Bourne begins to go back after the same organization he supposedly took down in the Bourne Identity, only to find out it no longer exists and he’s been framed for a double murder. Bourne uncovers this conspiracy and takes action to stop it completely. His crusade leads him all across Europe and eventually into Russia, all while being hunted down by police, government agents and mercenaries.

Bourne Ultimatum: The last of the trilogy, Bourne finally discovers who he is and goes after the organization that is chasing him: CIA. Through the journey he discovers more than just who he is, but also a program so dangerous that it threatens national security.

Bourne’s escapades take him from England, to Germany, Morocco and eventually New York City. The action scenes in this movie are intense, heart pumping and flat out jaw dropping. Car chases, amazing fight scenes, including one where he takes on another deadly assassin named Desh while using props such as a book, towel and more to stop him. Absolutely amazing.

The Bourne trilogy is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys movies with thick thrilling plots, realistic fight scenes and more. As I mentioned before, if you haven’t seen these movies yet, you’re missing out on a truly amazing series of movies.

Check out the trilogy!


Film Trailer:


Have you seen these movies? What are your thoughts on the Bourne Trilogy? Please share them below!