Best Self Defense Weapons You’d Never Believe Could Protect You.

By | October 21, 2013

What if I said that in your everyday life you are carrying at least 5 different props that could actually be used and considered to be self defense weapons? There just happen to be plenty and you’re literally not going to believe what some of them are.

Picture this for a second: Say you’re walking at night after work/school/ect… with a couple of things on you:

  • A bagpack.
  • Keys.
  • A cup of coffee (hot).
  • A wallet.
  • Books and/or magazine. 

If someone attempted to mug you, which of these items could you use to protect you? The answer is ALL of them. Let’s see just how these everyday items could be used as self-defense weapons:

A bagpack: If it has books and is heavy, you can swing it at the mugger.

Keys: You can wield is like a knife. Keys may not be sharp, but if swung quickly, you can cut someone. Be careful.

A cup of coffee (hot): I think this is obvious, but splashing the coffee in the mugger’s face is also realistic.

A wallet: Throw it at their face to distract them and kick them in the groin and/or use the distraction to run away.

Books and/or magazine: Your books can deliver some seriously damage if you hit someone in the head with it. Your magazine if rolled up and swung with all your power can also deliver devastating injuries. I’ve been hit by magazines in my self defense classes and let me tell you it hurts and we get hit on the arms so imagine for a second what this could do to someone’s head. You can also watch movie clips from the Bourne Trilogy here to see just how different props are used for self-defense.

Now these aren’t the only things you can have on you. Here are some other very common everyday items you could have on you that can be used to protect you should the need arise:

  • A pen/pencil.
  • An iPad, iPod, ect…
  • A cellphone.
  • A musical instrument (guitar, flute, ect…)
  • A walking cane. 
  • Your belt. 
  • A necklace, key chain.
  • Ect…

What if you’re not carrying any of these? What if you just decided to take a stroll and have nothing on you? Well it just so happens props are laying around everywhere. You just have to see it! Here are a few examples:

  • Broom sticks laying around on the street, especially in trashcans.
  • Trashcans.
  • Chairs
  • Sticks (from tables and/or any other props)
  • Ect…

I could keep going on these ideas, but I think you’re starting to see the point. Any prop can be used to protect you is the bottom line I’m trying to point out. A person who is educated and aware of the possibilities of self-defense and the limitless opportunities for using these props is someone who is much more likely to get out of a confrontation alive and in good condition than someone who doesn’t. It’s usually never a good idea to fight someone hand-to-hand especially on the street because you never know what they may be carrying.

In addition the props mentioned above are also GREAT equalizers. If your enemy is taller/stronger/faster/younger than you, these tools can level the playing the field.


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