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By | September 20, 2013

All 3 Bourne movies rolled into one set. If you’ve never seen the movies, I highly recommend you watch them. Intense action, Bourne trilogyamazing fight scenes and very intellectually stimulating plot!

Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne lays unconscious in the water as a fishing boat picks him up. He discovers a chip in his body after waking up and realizes he doesn’t know who he is. Bourne then relies on his instinctive talents to retrace his steps, all while being chased down by the same organization that trained him.

There are some incredible plot and actions scenes, including such things as:

Bourne taking down 2 police offers with ease.

A battle where Bourne uses a pen to take on a deadly assassin wielding a knife.

Bourne taking on a sniper assassin with nothing but a shotgun.

And more…

Bourne Supremacy: Bourne after escaping multiple assassination attempts, Bourne retreats to India where he feels he’ll be safe, but after an assassin comes after him and his woman, he vows to take revenge.

Bourne begins to go back after the same organization he supposedly took down in the Bourne Identity, only to find out it no longer exists and he’s been framed for a double murder. Bourne uncovers this conspiracy and takes action to stop it completely. His crusade leads him all across Europe and eventually into Russia, all while being hunted down by police, government agents and mercenaries.

Bourne Ultimatum: The last of the trilogy, Bourne finally discovers who he is and goes after the organization that is chasing him: CIA. Through the journey he discovers more than just who he is, but also a program so dangerous that it threatens national security.

Bourne’s escapades take him from England, to Germany, Morocco and eventually New York City. The action scenes in this movie are intense, heart pumping and flat out jaw dropping. Car chases, amazing fight scenes, including one where he takes on another deadly assassin named Desh while using props such as a book, towel and more to stop him. Absolutely amazing.

The Bourne trilogy is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys movies with thick thrilling plots, realistic fight scenes and more. As I mentioned before, if you haven’t seen these movies yet, you’re missing out on a truly amazing series of movies.

Check out the trilogy!


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Have you seen these movies? What are your thoughts on the Bourne Trilogy? Please share them below! 

2 thoughts on “Bourne Trilogy DVD

  1. Peter G.

    Awesome summary of the Jason Bourne trilogy!

    I really would like to go back and re-visit all 3 movies. I can’t remember, but I think I got kind of confused on the 3rd one.. But I remember the first 2 were absolutely amazing!

    Great website, thank you.


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