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New Jason Bourne Movie Announced!

A lot of us knew it was going to happen, but a few days ago, the announcement was made: Article. Matt Damon will be returning to play as Jason Bourne and the movie is set to start filming in 2016 with a release date in 2017 if I understood it correctly. So how does this… Read More »

New update:

Hey guys, thank you for all your support/questions and continued returns to my site and newsletter. I am sorry that I haven’t been so active lately. This is because I am mainly split between work and training and these 2 things are taking up a majority of my time. Regardless, I would like to say… Read More »

Downtime on signing up.

Hey guys, the program I use to collect and send out newsletters is currently down. If you are trying to sign up and receive information on how to fight like Bourne, please do one of the following: A) Check back every few days and see if the form appears again. It will be a blue… Read More »

What is The Best Martial Art?

A very common question most people who are new to fighting ask is what is the best martial art to study? And the truth is there is none. If I had to choose, I’d say JKD (but that’s not an actual art). Though some arts are much more practical than others, there are always situations… Read More »

How To Avoid A Fight: The Best Methods

mirko cro cop fight stance

People often wonder how to avoid fights, especially if they live in an environment where this kind of stuff happens on a daily basis. Though for many this is a difficult thing to do, I would like to recommend a a couple of very important methods you could use to help yourself avoid a confrontation.… Read More »

Bourne Conspiracy Video Game

Bourne conspiracy

The followup PS3/Xbox 360 game to the popular Bourne Trilogy which introduces you to Bourne before Identity came about and then takes you through the events of the 1st Bourne movie. The game itself is very action packed, especially the fight scenes. If you enjoyed seeing Bourne fight, you’ll get a kick out of the… Read More »

Bourne Trilogy DVD

Bourne trilogy

All 3 Bourne movies rolled into one set. If you’ve never seen the movies, I highly recommend you watch them. Intense action, amazing fight scenes and very intellectually stimulating plot! Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne lays unconscious in the water as a fishing boat picks him up. He discovers a chip in his body after waking up… Read More »

Stick to Simple Techniques & Not Fancy Ones.


Most people who are new to martial arts usually want to learn the fanciest techniques first before anything else. They want to know the most bad ass move/s that takes down an opponents of multiple opponents with ease. And while there are such moves, in reality, the best self-defense tool you have is sticking to… Read More »