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When Sparring, Always Utilize These 7 Rules…


Sparring is a MAJOR part of learning to protect yourself. Doing pad work over and over again can make you look good and help your form, but in the end you’ll need to spar to be able to transcend into the next level of training. So when you begin sparring, I always recommend following these… Read More »

Learn Basics First, Then Move Into The Fancy Stuff…

proper fighting stance

Too many times when learning to fight, people at least in large majorities always seem to want to learn the most fancy techniques. It’s because of all the Hollywood movies we’ve seen where people are taken down effortlessly with moves that make our jaws drop, or our skepticism arise. But in reality a lot of… Read More »

The Importance of AVOIDING Fights


Avoid fighting at all costs. This is something you often hear at pretty much any martial arts school/fight gym and sometimes it sounds very cliche. But when you start to look deeper into the situation, you’ll quickly realize the wisdom behind this approach. I’ve only been in 2 street fights in my entire life. Everything… Read More »

New website coming soon!!!

Hey guys, sorry for the REALLY long delay in fixing up the website. I’ve been going through other website projects but want to thank ALL of you who have been loyal to this site and asking me about the new layout! Here is what’s coming to this site: New structured training guide to learn to… Read More »