Fencing Helmet (For stick/knife sparring)

Fencing helmets aren’t just useful for fencing practice, they are also incredibly beneficial tools to utilize when doing stick/knifefencing helmet sparring of ANY kind. They offer you incredible protection. 

If you’re using rubber knives or foam sticks, to plastic knives and real wooden kali sticks, and planning on aiming for the head, a fencing helmet will offer you maximum protection. I don’t advise using regular headgear. That kind of stuff doesn’t protect you from a stick strike very well. Nor does the front of the headgear which is completely open protect you from a knife strike.

Bottom line: For any sort of weapons sparring involving knives (Never real knives!) or sticking fighting, use a fencing helmet. You’ll be glad you did, I promise.

Recommended suppliments for fencing helmet:

Rubber knife (for sparring).

Foam stick or real kali stick (for sparring).

Shin guards (to protect your legs). 

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