Foam Kali Sticks:

Kali sticks are an absolute to anyone who trains with Kali as well as learning weapons defense. In fact most Kali training startsfoam kali sticks with sticks before moving onto the knife and then empty hand combat (Panantukan). When sparring, it’s recommended to use these foam sticks to avoid hurting one another.

These sticks are great for experimenting with. Though they can be painful if swung hard, avoid that and go light. You’re exploring different methods of combat here and should allow the technique and form to be primary while strength and speed secondary.

These sticks are also great for learning weapons defense. Learning Kali stick combat allows you automatically learn how to use other props (Broom sticks, antennas and any long ranged prop which can act like a stick).

You can also practice weapons defense and simulate a knife attacker trying to come at you and hitting his/her hands with these sticks. This is great for coordination practice as well as reflex training.

It is important when using these sticks to NOT try to do chokes with them as they are only meant for hitting/sparring and can break if you try to bend them. If you want to learn stick submissions, you need real kali sticks. Either way these will be great tools for you to explore the world of Filipino Martial Arts.

Foam kali sticks.

Recommended tools to supplement foamed kali sticks:

  • Goggles (for eye protection). If you’re going to spar with sticks and aim for the head, make sure you’re wearing a…
  • Kali gloves (for hand protection and maximum usage). You can also use boxing gloves but you won’t have as much comfort and control.


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