How To Avoid A Fight: The Best Methods

By | October 21, 2013

People often wonder how to avoid fights, especially if they live in an environment where this kind of stuff happens on a daily basis. Though for many this is a difficult thing to do, I would like to recommend a a couple of very important methods you could use to help yourself avoid a confrontation. This method mostly applies to people who:

  • Live in urban areas such as the city.

These methods aren’t exactly rocket science, but in truth when you’re in a confrontation, it’s very difficult to think naturally because of the fear and adrenaline rushing through your body. However if you keep these methods in mind if and should a confrontation take place, you’ll be able to avoid it which is the best outcome of any situation in the subject of fighting.

Method 1: Always stay in areas that are lighted and/or public. 

This will obviously be no surprise to any of you reading this, but this is crucial. Avoiding a confrontation often means being in place where it’s unlikely to happen and in places that are public and/or places that are lighted are a much safer place to be than alone in an alley or on a street where there’s no one. 

Method 2: If you feel you are being pursued or followed, move to a safe place such as a store or place where there are many people and call the police.

Always head (within a pubic setting) to a nearby public area. Being in these places may very well neutralize the pursuers because he/she/they may be worried about attacking you where others can see them. It also allows you to stop and call the police and get help if need be.

Method 3: Should an altercation take place, always keep your hands high. Here’s why:mirko cro cop fight stance

People often keep their hands down and try to diffuse a situation by keeping their hands in front of them or at their sides, leaving their face completely open. This allows for sucker punches to come in and potentially knock you out. This is something that’s preventable if you keep your hands high. Read this tutorial on proper fight stances.

In short, this (guy on the right Mirko Cro Cop) should be your defensive stance. It allows you to defend against sucker punches, but also leaves you in an attack position if it gets down to it. Always leave your hands open to make it look like you’re not there to fight.

Method 4: Always walk away and if need be, run to the same safe place as mentioned in method 2. 

It’s pretty much never worth getting into a fight with anyone, especially on the street. You never know who you’re up against and it’s never worth the risk to find out. 

What if all of this fails? 

If the shit hits the fan and you have no choice but to defend yourself, it’s time to do exactly that. I would recommend (if you haven’t already done so) register for the free lessons to the sign up form on the right. You’ll immediately get tips on exactly what sorts of moves you should perform to end fights quickly.

Have you ever had an experience where you safely got away or had no choice but to fight? If so, please share your story. I’d love to hear it and everyone reading this could also learn from it. 




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