Kali Arm Guard

A kali arm guard is excellent for protecting the lower part of your arms when sparring or doing knife/stick drills in kali. Thesekali arm guard tools are actually very good for protecting against many types of weapons including bats, sticks and more. They have a hard layer on the external part (the area which is the most likely to get hit) to protect your arm from feeling pain when hit. 

I find with this tool, knife hits aren’t even felt. Stick attacks are, but not nearly as much if I didn’t wear them in the first place. If you’re going to be sparring and aiming for the hands or have your opponent aim for your hands, I highly recommend getting a kali arm guard as it’ll definitely make the sparing experience a lot more fun and much less painful! 

Recommended supplements for the Kali Arm Guard:

Kali gloves (for hand protection during weapons sparring).

Rubber knife (for sparring).

Wooden Kali stick (for sparring).

Fencing helmet (for head protection when sparring).

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