Kali (Eskrima) Sticks

Kali sticks are incredible tools for self defense. They are about 2 1/2 feet in length and provide a lot of benefits. More specifically burned ratten esrkima stickthey are GREAT for fending off against multiple opponents and being able to stop an enemy/s without having to use your hands or even strength. In short, they can make for great equalizers!

Additionally they are also great for weapons defense especially the enemy/s is carrying a knife as these long range tools will be able to keep the knife attackers away from you long enough to either stop them or get away. 

The kinds of things you can do with kali sticks is nothing short of amazing (watch video below). If you think swinging a kali stick left n right is all there is to it, you’re in for a BIG surprise. Kali sticks have such incredible versatility. You can hit someone 3 times with 1 kali stick in a matter of 1 second. That’s how fast they are. And each hit can deliver devastating damage.

Furthermore kali sticks also make EXCELLENT submission weapons. I realize it’s difficult to imagine doing anything with a stick that will make a person tap out, but it’s more than possible. It’s realistic. They can choke people, put their arm/legs in submission holds faster than any jiu jitsu move. 

They also GREATLY enhance your reflexes. Kali stick drills don’t only help you with weapons combat, but the reflexes and drills you perform also immensely help your empty hand reflexes skyrocket. 

Kali sticks are legal self defense tools you can carry on you. But even if you find yourself without one, knowing how to use these nifty props also helps you automatically learn to wield other look alike props: Broom sticks, regular sticks, staff, antennas from cars, handles from a table and ANYTHING that looks/feels like a stick). It’s a weapon you can’t afford to NOT have. They are cheap, long lasting and may one day even be life saving.

Get Kali stick.

Fun fact:

Did you know the show Spartacus utilized most of it’s weapons fighting techniques from the kali stick? It’s true! The kali stick as well as the art is heavily used in movies and shows nowadays ever since the Bourne movies came out.

Kali stick demonstration:

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