Kali Gloves

Kali gloves are different than regular boxing gloves or even MMA gloves and that’s because they are specifically designed for kali glovesweapons sparring and training, mainly to ensure maximum mobility as well as protection.

Even if you’re sparring with foam sticks or rubber knives, those props hurt A LOT when you get struck and this is what the kali glove is designed to prevent.

Most sparring in kali or weapons training for that matter will involve you or your opponent trying to hit the arm of the other person in order to disarm the knife. This could be done with a kali stick or even a knife. Either way, when your hand is the target, and the props used to attack the arm hurt, a lot, then you need protection, and nothing is better than kali gloves for that. They are almost like hockey gloves, but offer more mobility. 

Recommended supplements for kali gloves:

Rubber knife.

Foam kali stick.

Real kali stick. 

Fencing helmet (for head protection when sparring).

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