MMA Gloves

MMA gloves allow users to experiment and train in various martial arts while maintaining nearly complete flexibility and control MMA glovesof their hands. Unlike boxing gloves which are more utilized for boxing as well as pad training and sparring, MMA gloves are more useful for grappling, whether standing of on the ground.

They are also great for pad word, though they aren’t as comfortable to punch with as boxing gloves. If you’re looking to learn to fight like Bourne, MMA gloves will help go a long way because of their versatility.¬†They will provide a lot of protection and comfort but at the same time will allow you to perform a variety of techniques you saw Bourne perform which are all from Kali/Panantukan.

I would not recommend using MMA gloves:

When stick sparring or knife fighting. This is because your fingers will be open for attack and the size of the MMA glove only protects some of the hand. I would instead recommend boxing gloves or preferably hockey gloves for maximum freedom of motion as well as protections.

I would not recommend sparing with MMA gloves unless you go VERY light and/or only focus on grappling. For those purposes MMA gloves are amazing.

Overall highly recommended piece of equipment for fighters of all levels and training styles!

MMA gloves.

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