New website coming soon!!!

By | August 8, 2013

Hey guys, sorry for the REALLY long delay in fixing up the website. I’ve been going through other website projects but want to thank ALL of you who have been loyal to this site and asking me about the new layout!

Here is what’s coming to this site:

  • New structured training guide to learn to fight like Bourne. You will have begnnner-advanced training methods to work with and start from the bottom up! No confusing anymore. The new training will offer you SOLID foundations to work with!
  • NEW Store! This site will now sell products related to Kali you can use in your training. All of these products are optional to use, but they will make for great training props if you’re serious about learning to fight like Bourne.
  • Updated posts on popular Bourne and related subjects posted several times a week! Let’s get some fun conversations and discussions going people! We are going to build a community where we can learn from another and share training tips, experiences and more!

If you’re new to this site, I highly recommend signing up to the newsletter to the right as it will keep you posted on how soon the new site will be launched!

Great things are coming to!


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