Punching pads (Focus Mitts):

Learning to punch properly requires a feeder. A feeder requires punching pads. This allows the striker to hit the pads at maximum punch padsforce, learn what it feels to throw punches & combos which aids in training and helps protect the feeders arm as well as enhances reflexes by learning to catch punches.

Pads are highly recommended to anyone who uses boxing/mma gloves or their own hands and needs to learn fighting drills whether it be from boxing, MMA and even Kali.

If you have boxing gloves and/or MMA gloves and a partner, you’ll need focus mitts to help both of you complete martial arts workouts.

Safety tips: Everything you need to know about punching mitts is in this video below:

How to use punching mitts (video):

Recommended supplements for focus mitts:

Boxing gloves.

MMA gloves. 

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