Rubber Knife

This tool is great for weapons defense training as well as sparring. It’s also great for learning the Kali art without hurting yourself.rubber practice knife It should NEVER be used to poke someone in the eye or stab in the throat. Only use this for slashing motions, light and SLOW sparring as well as disarming and kali drills.

Rubber knives, although not the real thing can hurt a lot when hit so be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, these tools are amazing for learning all the above benefits and are highly recommended to anyone who is itnerested to learn weapons combat as well as self defense.

This site is all about Jason Bourne and his fight style. Well if you’ve seen the movies, you probably saw how Jason deals with weapons attacks. He uses his hands, a pen (yes a PEN!), a magazine and towel, among other props to defend against it. This is actually very practical in the real world. In the art of kali which is one of the primary arts Bourne uses, weapons defense often comes down to using everyday props for protection.

Learn kali self defense drills in this free weekly tutorial!

Recommended supplement tools for rubber knife:

  • Arm guard (to protect the hand from strikes). This knife, although rubber hurts is swung hard. 
  • Kali gloves (to allow for maximum protection of the hands, while maintaining full comfort of control).
  • Fencing helmet (If you’re a beginner, only aim for the hands. Experts should always wear head protection when weapons sparring).

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