Bourne Trilogy DVDBourne trilogy

All 3 Bourne movies rolled into one set. If you’ve never seen the movies, I highly recommend you watch them. Intense action, amazing fight scenes and very intellectually stimulating plot!

Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne lays unconscious in the water as a fishing boat picks him up. He discovers a chip in his body after waking up and realizes he doesn’t know who he is. Bourne then relies on his instinctive talents to retrace his steps, all while being chased down by the same organization that trained him.

Bourne Supremacy: Bourne after escaping multiple assassination attempts retreats to India where he feels he’ll be left alone, but after an assassin comes after him and his woman, he vows to take revenge.

Bourne Ultimatum: The last of the trilogy, Bourne finally discovers who he is and goes after the organization that is chasing him: CIA. Through the journey he discovers more than just who he is, but also a program so dangerous that it threatens national security.

Bourne Conspiracy:Bourne conspiracy

The followup PS3/Xbox 360 game to the popular Bourne Trilogy which introduces you to Bourne before Identity came about and then takes you through the events of the 1st Bourne movie.

The game itself is very action packed, especially the fight scenes. If you enjoyed seeing Bourne fight, you’ll get a kick out of the moves you see here. Control Bourne and his deadly skills as you try to survive the world of assassins!

14 Oz Boxing Gloves

Great for sparring and training, these 14 oz gloves are tools that anyone who is serious about fighting needs to have. They are soft,14oz boxing gloves and help protect you as well as your partner.

Why 14oz? Because anything smaller can be dangerous to your partner’s safety. Anything bigger makes it too annoying to work with. 14 oz is the minimal requirement. Users should always exercise safety when sparring and go VERY lightly to avoid injuries.

I personally use these gloves in training and combat drills as well as sparring. Though they aren’t very flexible for pulling off moves you saw in the Bourne movies, they are still EXCELLENT for pad training and helping you develop power, form all while keeping you safe. Highly recommended!

MMA Gloves:

Great for grappling and learning combos as well as trying out the same moves Bourne performs in the movies since they offer great MMA glovescontrol and versatility.

MMA gloves should never be used for sparring with someone unless you both go VERY light. They will provide a lot of protection and comfort but at the same time will allow you to perform a variety of techniques from grappling arts such as Jui Jitsu and moves you saw Bourne perform which are all from Kali/Panantukan.

Punching pads (Focus Mitts):punch pads

Learning to punch properly requires a feeder. A feeder requires punching pads. This allows the striker to attack the pads, learn what it feels to throw punches & combos which aids in training and helps protect the feeders arm as well as enhances reflexes by learning to catch punches.

Pads are highly recommended to anyone who uses boxing gloves or their own hands and needs to learn fighting drills whether it be from boxing, MMA and even Kali.

Thai Pads:thai pads

Very similar to punching pads, but meant for intense kicks. Though regular pads can also work for kicks, thai pads are designed to protect the feeder (the one holding the pads) from powerful kicks as well as allows the kicker (and puncher) to throw devastatingly powerful combos. Used in Muay Thai training, these pads make great tools for any fighter’s training arsenal.


Wall Punching Bag

This tool is great if you don’t have a partner to work with or want to mix it up and work your own combos. This tool is mounted onwall bag for punching your wall and allows you to throw any punches and kicks against it which helps you develop form and combination.

I would only recommend this tool for people living in houses (not apartments) as punching and kicking it may cause loud noises. This tool is about 3 feet high and 1 foot in width.

Punching Bag 70 lbs:

Bags are great for working combos and form. They also make for an incredible cardio workout. This particular bag is ideal to hangpunching bag up in a basement, backyard or garage and practice with it when you do drills. Any beginner-advanced fighter ALWAYS uses a punching bag, whether at the gym or if possible at their own home.

Though there are heavier bags available which are much more expensive, this 70lb is great for beginners and intermediates a like.

Kali (Eskrima) Sticks:

Kali sticks are incredible tools for self defense. They are about 2 1/2 feet in length and provide a lot of benefits. More specifically they are GREAT for fending off against multiple opponents and burned ratten esrkima stickbeing able to stop an enemy/s without having to use your hands. Additionally they are also great for weapons defense especially the enemy/s is carrying a knife as these long range tools will be able to keep the knife attackers away from you long enough to either stop them or get away. 

The kinds of things you can do with kali sticks is nothing short of amazing. If you think swinging a kali stick left n right is all there is to it, you’re in for a BIG surprise. Kali sticks have such incredible versatility. You can hit someone 3 times with 1 kali stick in a matter of 1 second. That’s how fast they are.

Furthermore kali sticks also make EXCELLENT submission weapons. I realize it’s difficult to imagine doing anything with a stick that will make a person tap out, but it’s more than possible. It’s realistic. They can choke people, put their arm/legs in submission holds faster than any jiu jitsu move. 

They also GREATLY enhance your reflexes. Kali stick drills don’t only help you with weapons combat, but the reflexes and drills you perform also immensely help your empty hand reflexes skyrocket. 

Kali sticks are legal self defense tools you can carry on you. But even if you find yourself without one, knowing how to use these nifty props also helps you automatically learn to wield other look alike props: Broom sticks, regular sticks, staff, antennas from cars, handles from a table and ANYTHING that looks/feels like a stick). It’s a weapon you can’t afford to NOT have. They are cheap, long lasting and may one day even be life saving.

Foam Kali Sticks:

Kali sticks are an absolute to anyone who trains with Kali as well as learning weapons defense. In fact all Kali training starts withfoam kali sticks sticks before moving onto the knife and then empty hand combat (Panantukan).

These sticks are great for experimenting with and playing around especially while sparring. Though they can be painful if swung hard, avoid that and go light. You’re exploring different methods of combat here and should allow the technique and form to be primary while stength and speed secondary.

These sticks are also great for learning weapons defense. Learning Kali stick combat allows you automatically learn how to use other props (Broom sticks, antennas and any long ranged prop which can act like a stick).

It is important when using these sticks to NOT try to do chokes with them as they are only meant for hitting/sparring. If you want to learn stick submissions, you need real kali sticks. Either way these will be great tools for you to explore the world of Filipino Martial Arts.

Rubber Knife (Training & Sparring):rubber knife

This tool is great for learning the Kali art without hurting yourself. It should NEVER be used to poke someone in the eye or stab in the throat. Only use it to slash the body and hands as well as learn Kali drills (sign up for the free course to learn!) which include disarming.

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