The Importance Of Having A School/Partner To Practice With.

By | September 8, 2013

Although this site is all about providing a free way to learn to protect yourself, in the end, nothing beats learning in real life. If youNYT2008101710590105C can find a school in your area which teaches things like boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu & mma and you want to learn self defense, go to these schools.

These places will give you a hands on approach to learning systems that have been proven to help you protect yourself. They don’t all work in every situation, but it’s a hell of a lot of better than learning nothing, I assure you.

There is also the aspect of learning to take a punch and conquering your fears. In schools, you’ll have to spar and defend yourself. Getting this practice there will help better prepare you for the outside world.

Finally learning from people who are certified in the field is much better than learning on your own or from videos. You can get good training there too, but you’ll eventually need someone to help correct your form. This isn’t always the case for everyone, but it’ll happen quite often.

What happens if you don’t have a school in your area or can’t afford it?

Utilize the free self defense newsletter you get from this site. Get it here. And find yourself a partner to work with you. A lot of what you learn needs to be tested with someone willing to try it with you.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of being SAFE when practicing self defense with your partner. Don’t do moves that are meant to hurt people and utilize them on your partner. Practice it with them. Do it slowly and focus on the form. Make sure you ALWAYS keep your partner’s safety in mind.

If possible try to get multiple partners and work together. One thing I commonly do in my school is switch partners. This allows you to practice the same moves on different people/styles which in turn helps you improve your own skill set.

Some partners are taller/smaller. Some are weaker/stronger. Which means as you switch you’ll have to adapt to the new partner and their skill/s and adjust to make sure the same move works.

You’ll also discover some moves may not work the same way on different opponents, but at least you’ll know what works on who. This is all part of training and growing as a martial artist.

In the end this is you should go about things:

Find a school which teaches self defense.

If there is no school in your area or you can’t afford it, then…

Learn from the free newsletter on this site and find a partners to work with. Get it here!


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